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A small peek into Awake America Ministries


Would you please consider partnering with our family in prayer and financial support to help with this ministry?

My role in Awake America is a vital one. My job is to connect thousands of Independent Baptist churches to what Capitol Connection is accomplishing and to what they can do to stay involved. We, here, are at the “tip of the spear” of influence representing Biblical values for our specific group.

Your prayer AND financial support will enable me to commit even more time in the Capitol sharing the gospel and providing the needful resources to Baptists to accomplish our ministry mission. Our current need is for 50 partners each, to support us at $50 per month or for 25 partners at $100 per month. Please contact me personally through my information below for any questions or to present the need of Awake America Ministries.

Thank you for your consideration.

Joe Kirby

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If you'd like more information about Awake America Ministries, visit the ministry website or Facebook page.